Collectable bears, patterns and kits by Angela




A mix of all sorts of bears.  Cute, cuddly and quirky x   All one-of-a-kind and various sizes.

These bears have all moved on to good homes.  If you are looking for a new bear, please see who's available here.

Jennie, mohair ooak bear

ooak mohair bear with mouse friend

Colourful Billie blue

Colourful Billie wearing his string mohair

Alfie, mohair ooak bear

ooak mohair bear

Libby one of a kind mohair bear

LIBBY, ooak mohair dressed bear

Bridie, mohair ooak bear

DOUGIE, a cute mini mohair ted (one of a kind)

Widget,mini one of a kind teddy bear

WIDGET, mini ooak mohair ted

Bridie, mohair ooak bear

BRIDIE, dressed one of a kind mohair ted with real eyelashes

Pixel, one of a kind teddy bear

PIXEL, a sweet little ted just 4 inches high

Tessa, mohair and needle felted ooak bear

TESSA, mohair and needle felted ooak bear

Byron mini mohair bear

BYRON one of my mini mohair bears with hat to keep warm  : )

Jez hand dyed mohair bear

JEZ, hand dyed mini 4" mohair bear

Winchester, commissioned bear

WINCHESTER , commissioned bear

Rosalie, mini mohair bear

ROSALIE, a mini 4 inch bear with needle felted face

Buzz Grizzly, faux fur bear

BUZZ GRIZZLY,  faux fur grisly bear

Mikado, faux fur artist bear

MIKADO, faux fur bear in patchwork furs 

Beth, mohair ooak bear

BETH, quirky, dressed mohair

Ambrosia, hand dyed mohair

AMBROSIA, mini hand dyed mohair bear



Pansy-Boo, mohair bear

PANSY BOO,  hand dyed mohair and needle felted face

Mickle,mohair bear

MICKLE,  one of my quirkier ohair bears in green and white

Mi Mi, faux fur panda

MI MI, faux fur panda with hand shaded face

Peanut, commissioned mohair bear

PEANUT, commissioned mohair bear

Barty mini mohair bear

BARTY, one of my mini mohair bears

Luceus, a vampire bear for halloween

LUCEUS, vampire bear with needle felted "fangs"