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skating mouse by

This wonderful little character was sewn by Joan.   Take a peek at the christmas scene too - brilliant work x

Natvity mice by Jane_c

Just look at these cute mice x   Jane made this gorgeous nativity display using Carrie mouse' pattern and won herself a very well deserved first prize.   I feel like a proud mum : )   Lot of stitching in there !

Mimosa in gray by Amanda

This lovely big gray mouse was made by Amanda - looks a super hug  xx

Rusty bear by Amanda

Amanda's brilliant Rusty Bear

Lion by Sharon

Beautiful lion stitched by Sharon. Well done  xx

white lion by Natasha

This beautiful white lion is one of Natasha's pride.  A lovely mystical character  and beautifully stitched x


A lovely Nanuk polar bear by Lynn.  Love his sad face x

Brambley by amanda

A long haired version of Brambley Bear, by Amanda - lovely and snuggly 

Lion by Natasha

A gorgeous Charlie Lion by Natasha - isnt he fantastic : )

Starlight by Fiona

This beautiful unicorn was made by Fiona from Starlight's pattern.  So gorgeous, well done  xx

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Figaro by Hilary

This cute little chap was sewn by Hilary - our first Figaro mouse in the gallery and he's brilliant  x

Augustus by Mike

This gorgeous Augustus bear was sewn by Mike.  Brilliant bear Mike  : )

This gorgeous pair of Raggedy Rabbits were made by Norma. She was able to step in and stitch when her local disability group were in need of a raffle prize.   Her rabbits raised over £100 -  well done Norma, beautiful work and for a good cause  xx

Mimosa by Amanda

This lovely Mimosa mouse was sewn by Amanda - just perfect to hug  x

Christmas mice by Sherrie

Sherrie has re-vamped the felt mice pattern to create these charming festive mice - lovely couple

Gemini giraffe by Ane

A brilliant Gemini Giraffe. Good work Anne   xx

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Haifa orangutan by Anne

The lovely Haifa.  Another of Anne's cute characters.  This little orangutan has such a cute face  x

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Lion by Natasha

This fantastic lion was stitched by Natasha - he's briliant : )

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Snowbelle by Soia

Sonia's Snowbelle from Mimosa's pattern.   Beautiful xx

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Thank you Maggie for sending this pic of "Gruesome Threesome  : )

Hope they are behaving x

Gemni giraffe by Jen

A gorgeous Gemini Giraffe by Jen -   love  the tongue : )

Happy couple by Sonia

A happy couple.  Sonia's lovely huggable idea : )

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