Collectable bears, patterns and kits by Angela



Charlie Lion by Carole

Charlie Lion by Carole

Couldn't believe this lady has never made soft toys before !

Two lions by Carole

Carole's gorgeous pride of Charlie lions

Wolf by Sue

Love this wolf's head by Sue

Sue is making a whole wolf's rug. (from her own pattern)     Very clever lady : )

Oswald by Rosemary

I just had to pop these two little owls in here.  They are so cute - stitched and sewn by Rosemary 

Rosemary's Oswald Owl

Here's the other little Oswald - love his natural colours.   Well done Rosemary 

Stitch by Pat

I love this colourful patchwork version of Miss Stitch by Pat : )

Abigail, by Rosemary

Abigail, by Rosemary - looks like she'd  be a lovely hug x

Maxiillian by Pat

Pat stitched this adorable mini Maximillian Bear

A really cutie Pat x

Two Stitches by Pat

Mr  and Mrs Stitch - Really love the little chap in his trews.   Well done Pat  x

Lurch by Sonia

 Lurch by Sonia, made from Augustus' pattern - love his little halloween chums too x

See Sonia's work here

Augustus by Wayward Bears

Jackie from Wayward Bears upsized Augustus' pattern to make this big huggable lad : )Augustus by Suzanne - Cannot believe this is her first bear x

Magnolia elephant by Anna

This cute little elephant was made by Anna in Texas for a special birthday girl  x

Oswald by Jackie

Jackie's Oswald

Adore this quirky little face and love the natural colours 

Jaffa by Lyn

Jaffa by Lynn (with mini J )

Lynn cleverly made a little Jaffa - She is stocking Jaffa in kit form here 

Augustus by Anne

Ann's Augustus

A lovely version of Augustus.  Love his soft fur - just right to hug

Augustust by sue

Augustust by sue

Augustus by sue

A pair of Augustus bears by Sue walker of Spotty Dotty Crafts

I just love the pair together having a chat and hug and the gingham fabric - good idea  : )

Raggedy by Diane

Diane's Raggedy rabbits

All these gorgeous Raggedys were stitched by Diane 

I want one  x

Diane's raggedy rabbit

Buns and cat

Maggie's cat and Buns

Always makes me smile : )

Jackie's reindeer

Jackie's brilliant reindeer

I can just see these decorating my tree this christmas

diane's hug

Diane's Hug 

A group of well fed, well loved rabbits, and bears