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Do send in pics of your makes - I love to see them and can feature them here in the Gallery x
send them to me at :

Eddie elephant as bee by Michelle

A super re-style of Eddie elephant by Michelle. Clever lady x

Casper clown and Plague doctor by Kaiden

Kaiden has been stitching away at two very different characters. His plague doctor, Derek and capser clown. A wacky but fun couple x

Chirrup chick by Lily

A cute little Chirrup chick, sewn by Lily.

Harris puppy by Janine

This Harris puppy made me chuckle. So cute, love his ears Janine xx

Fennel rabbit by Sharon

Sharon made this cuddlesome bunny from Fennel's pattern.

Augustus bear by Mike

A brilliant Augustus bear. Well done Mike x

Harris puppy by Lucy

Lucy made this lovely harris puppy. Looks super x

A raggedy rabbit by Nicky

A beautiful raggedy rabbit. Well done Nicky x

abigail by Tina

These gorgeous Abigail elephants were sewn by Tina. A beautiful couple x

Carrie by Anne

Anne has sewn this adorable little Carrie mouse.

viking by Paula

This brilliant little viking was sewn by Paul. He is perfect Paula x

A norman by Paula

Had to add this other historical character Paula has made. Cleverly making Halvard turn Norman !

Toffee bear by Leza

A super Toffee bear. Good work Leza x

Raggedy rabbit by Dwayne

This special rabbit was sewn by Dwayne, for a friend his daughter sadly lost.

augustus bear by Susan

A lovely colourful Augustus bear by Susan. Love his super big feet x

Bertram by by Angela

A lovely Bertam ted. Good stitching Angela x

Spencer sloth by Sharon

These are two super sloths. I know how difficult that fur is to work with ! Well done Sharon.

white sloth by Sharon

Just had to put these two sloths in here. Well done Sharon x

Brambley bear by Clare

This lovely Brambley bear was sewn by Clare, using a soft fleece fabric. Super huggable alternative.

Brie mouse by Aileen

Aileen has sewn this fun Brie mouse in leatherette and felts. Great little character x

foxy by Mark

Wow, a brilliant fox. Well done Mark x

Hop kangaroo by Mark

Mark has also sewn Hop, our kangaroo. Looks ready to jump !

Raggedy mice by Tricia

A briliant pair of Raggedy mice. Well done Tricia x

Oak elf by Jenny

Jenny revisited her Oak elf and made this gorgeous lady elf. The skirt is beautiful, love the fabric.

Arnold bears by Carol

Just had to show you these cheeky Arnold bears. All sewn by Carol. What a super bunch of bears x

Bertram bear by Mo

What a super Bertram bear x Well done Mo.

Milton by Alison

Here's a super Milton mouse. Well done Alison.

Jacasta by Janet

Janet has made this super Jacasta and borrowed Rembrandt's paint palette (and his ears : ) Love her Janet x

Raggedy rabbit sewn by Alison

This super Raggedy bunny was sewn by Alison. Gorgeous x

Nanuk polar bear by Sharon

Sharon has made this super nanuk bear. Just waiting for a hug x

Eddie elephant by Maureen

A brilliant example of our Eddie elephant. Very well stitched by Maureen.

Carrie mouse by Jenny

Love this little Carrie mouse in her christmas skirt. So cute, thank you Jenny x

Gemini giraffe by Susie

Susie has made this gorgeous gemini giraffe. Had to add the detail pic - beautiful Susie x

Two raggedy rabbits by Jean

These two cute raggedy rabbits were sewn by Jean. Love the little ballerina skirt. Well done Jean x

Gustav dragon by Paula

This is a super Gustav dragon. Brilliant stitching Paula x

A brilliant Cedar horse by Dwayne

Just love this Cedar horse (or should I say unicorn: ) Well done Dwayne x

Raggedy rabbit by Dwayne

Here's one of Dwayne's raggedy rabbits. A lovely lady this time. Very sweet.

A gorgeous horse by Paula

This super horse was sewn by Paula using Starlight's pattern. He's brilliant x

Rembrandt cloth doll by Janet

Janet's dolls are amazing. Just look at her version of Rembrandt with needle felted hair and Janet has added a neat beard too. Love him x

Two charming santas sewn by lisa

Love this couple of santa's. Sewn by Lisa. Perfect to bring some cheer this festive season.

Bruce bear by Alison

Alison upsized Bruce's pattern to make this totally huggable ted in beautiful fur. Super work x

Biddy rabbit by Angela T

Just look at this gorgeous festive rabbit. Angela T used Biddy's pattern and added some festive thoughts of her own. A beautiful festive rabbit x

Raggedy rabbit by Dwayne

Love this rabbit's tartan contrasts. Good choice, well done Dwayne.

Gustav Dragon by Elizabeth

One of the best Gustav dragon's I've seen. Super stitching Elizabeth x

Hurdy Gurdy rabbit by Jenny

This cute Hurdy Gurdy rabbit has been sewn by Jenny. Love his pastel shade and lovely flopppy ears.

Dippy dinosaur by Viv

Viv has sewn this lovely Dippy dinosaur (I like the dino themed cushion too Viv : )

Carrie mouse by Jacky

What a super little Carrie mouse. Brilliantly done Jacky x

Denim  by pamela

Pamela's friend lost her small dog and Pamela made this denim dog from their bed and blanket. Lovely memory pup x

Big Ben by Dwayne

Big Ben bear, stitched by Dwayne. Another super ted, and some really stitching, I think you'll agree.

Dilly dolls by Christine

These two cheeky Dilly dolls were sewn by Christine. They look a fun pair (and a handful : )

Dilly cloth dolls by Julie

Julie's making these two fun Dilly dolls. They look a cheeky pair : )

Nanuk by Dwayne

Here is Dwayne's wonderful green nanuk bear. A little quirky and very huggable, well done x

Charlie lions by Sharon

These two gorgeous Charlie lions were made by Sharon. Perfect pair, well done x

Siobhan's plague doctor

A wonderful Plague Doctor from Siobhan. Love Siobhan's interpretation of the cape - and his belt too. Good work

Plague Doctor by Stephanie

Here's another super Plague Doctor, sewn by Stephanie. Love his key and very clever staff - brilliant.

Raggedy rabbit by Dwayne

Dwayne has made this super Raggedy rabbit. Looks full of fun x

Brambley-Tum by Sarah

I love this bear's face - just asking for a hug. Well done Sarah x

Brambley-Tum by Mo

Here's another cute Brambley bear, sewn by Mo. A super nose, well sewn Mo x

Brie mouse by Keith

Martha has made this brilliant doll from Rembrandt's pattern. Love his hair and super expression, Martha x

Stitch mouse sewn by Karen

This is one of Karen 's super Stitch mice. Just love her outfit - clever lady : )

Brie mouse by Keith

This super little cheeky Brie mouse was sewn by Keith. Good work Keith x

Carrie mouse sewn by Jemma

This is one of Jemma's cute little Carrie mice - what a sweet one, love her scarf too x

Two Augustus bears sewn by Sharon

These two gorgeous Augustus bears have been sewn by Sharon. Two super hugs : )

Augustus bear by Vicki

Vicki has made this lovely Augustus. He looks a super hug x

Carrie mouse by Jemma

This super little Carrie mouse was sewn my jemma. She looks such fun - well done x

Softies sewn by Margaret

Just look at these gorgeous softies. Margaret and been busy stitching these.
Super work Margaret x

Angela's brie mouse

A really cheeky, cheerful Brie mouse, sewn by Angela.
Angela has given him a bell on his tail - and called him Mr Bojingles : )

Miss Stitch by Karen

Don't know about you, but I think this Miss Stitch is far better than my original. Really good work Karen x

Oak elf by Jenny Reilly

Here's a super Oak elf, stitched by Jenny,
I think he'd make a great wood elf, Jenny x

a raggedy rabbit by Vickie

What a gorgeous photo. Vickie sent this cute pic of her Raggedy rabbit she has made, called Alice.

A dinosaur by Lisa

Lisa has made this lovely colourful Dippy dinosaur for her friend who's just had a baby. Congratulations to her - and good stitching Lisa x

Hurdy Gurdy rabbit by Linda

This perfect Hurdy Gurdy rabbit was sewn by linda. Good work x

A Plague Doctor by Debbie

A brilliant Plague doctor. Super work Debbie (and good "grubbing" : )

Charlie lion by Dee

Dee has sewn this lion for a little girl's birthday. A very loving gift and what a super face - cannot believe this is your first with shading Dee x

Abigail by helen

This gorgeous Abigail elephant was sewn by helen as a gift for her daughter's teacher.
What a super idea x

Bertam Bear by jenny

Jenny has made this Bertram bear - now there's a "hug me " face. Well done Jenny.

Gorgeous bear by Lynne

Here's a lovely Manilla elephant, sewn by Cissy. Super stitching x

Squirt squirrel by Alison

And here's another of Cissy's makes, our Spencer sloth.
Just love this characters - so full of life. Well done Cissy

Gorgeous bear by Lynne

What a gorgeous bear. This little one was made by Lynne Roscoe using our own hand dyed 20mm fur.
She's a beauty x

Squirt squirrel by Alison

Here's another little cutie, this Squirt squirrel was made by Alison and upsided by 125%. Super work Alison x

A Charlie lion by Alison

Alison made this super Charlie lion for her granddaughter (who very kindly let him join the Gallery : ) What a super character.

Squirt squirrel by Alison

And here's Alison's bear, made to Nanuk's pattern. Looka a lovely grizzly - definitely worth a hug ( or two : )

Two Cauliflower rabbits

Here are two fun Cauliflower rabbits. Sue called them Gertie and Bertie - love them x

Coories by Krystyna

These two Coories were made by Krystyna. Just such a cute pair - I like the bow addition - well sewn too x

Debbie's Nanuk

Debbie has made this totally huggable Nanuk bear - and his penguin. Well done Debbie x

Charlie lion by Steph

Steph has made this perfect Charlie lion, with wild mane and felt. Excellent stitching Steph xx

Bertie and Brambley bears by Nicole

Two bears, Bertie and Brambley sewn by Nicole. Good bear-making Nicole : )

Eddie and Toffee by Margret

Here's an Eddie and Toffee made by Margaret - love Toffee's hat - good work Margaret xx

10 Christmas elves
Angela has been extremely busy making elves from Oak's pattern. All ten of them ! looking like a fun Christmas this year Angela xxx

Giraffe by Andrea

Heres' a wonderful Gemini giraffe, sewn by Andrea. Love the fabrics and his cheery face x

An upsized giraffe by Andrea

And here's a much larger giraffe Andrea has sewn. 40 inches high! Now, that takes some stitching - well done Andrea xx

Elven bride and groom by Terresa

These have got to be the sweetest couple. Terresa has made her bride and groom from Oak's pattern.

Two bears by Lynne

Lynne has made these bears from our hand dyed mohairs. A gorgeous couple of hugs, Lynne.

Raggedy rabbit by Linda

This is a perfect Raggedy rabbit.
Great stitching Linda.

Toffee bear by Paris

This very cute little Toffee bear has been sewn by Paris.

Toffee bears by Pauline and daughter

Pauline and her daughter have been making Toffee bears
They look brilliant -
Good sewing girls x

Sloth by Salyy

Sally called her sloth Simeon.
What a lovely huggable -
well done Sally x

triceratops by Martha
Martha has sewn this super Triceratops. He looks a perfect hug.
Well done Martha x

Harris puppy by Teresa

I think this is a super Harris puppy
He looks ready to play
Good work Teresa x

Fritz frog by Teresa

Here's another fun fellow.
Teresa has made this Fritz Frog.
Love his expression.

Raggedy mouse by Lexi

Lexi has made both Raggedy mice.
Here's her gentleman.
He's just perfect x

Miss raggedy by Lexi

Here's Lexi's lady mouse.
Some good sewing here x

Carrie mouse by Marian

Marian has been making mice.
Here's her first,
a really sweet little Carrie mouse. She's a beauty x

Figaro mouse by Marian

Marian also made this cute mouse from Figaro's pattern.
Love the little knitted dress
- very clever x

A cheshire cat by Tracy
Tracy used Claude's pattern to make this rather super cheshire cat.
He's a riot of colour and I love his big grin : )
Very imaginative Tracy, well done !

A Spencer sloth by Diane
What a fun Spencer sloth - well done Diane. First time tackling fur too x

Arnold by Julie
A very cute little Arnold bear. Good stitching Julie (love his little suitcase too : )

Augustus bear by Michele
Michele used Augustus' pattern to make her beautiful blue bear. What a lovely hug, suits his name, Baloo x

A bertram bear by lisa
This cute bear was Lisa's first. Little Bertie is from Bertram's pattern. Hope to see more of her bears x

Abigail by Shelly
All these Abigails were sewn by Shelly. A lovely memory elephant for her friend's family

Abigail by Georgie
Here's another Abigail elephant. A lovely huggable Georgie x

Harris by jackie
A fun Harris puppy. Love the fabrics too Jackie x

Harris puppy by Kay
This puppy was sewn by Kay. He looks a very smart pup - good stitching Kay xx

Milton mouse by Yanina
A wonderful Milton mouse. Sewn by Yanina. What a sweet character.

Three lions by Alison
Alison made this pride of lions from Charlie's pattern, upsizing them too. Our first female lions, thank you Alison xx

Bertram bear by Sarah
Here's a lovely huggable Bertram bear. He was sewn by Sarah. Some really good stitching xx

Augustus by Georgie
Georgie has made this great Augustus bear. Full of character x

Plague Doctor by Rachel
This plague doctor was made by Rachel. Very well sewn - good work Rachel x

A raggedy mouse by Carol
Love this Raggedy mouse. Some lovely stitching Carol x

Champion fox by Dixie
Big well done to Dixie. Was so thrilled when she told me she had won Needlework Champion with her fox. Especially as she considered herself a beginner (not any more Dixie : ))

lovely bundle by Val
This gorgeous group were all sewn by Val. She has sent 15 of her Raggedy Mice over to Australia - Busy lady ! Really like Clarence your cat and denim dog and your Tilda doll too Val x
Pic links to Val's Instagram

Two augustus bears by Sue
This fun pair of Augustus bears were sewn by Sue. Super characters - one has been named Baloo : )

fox by Rachel
Love this guy's eyes. Brilliant work Rachel xx

Sasha rabbit by Anne-Louise
A gorgeous Sasha rabbit, sewn by Anne-Louise.
She was worth all the pink fluff Anne : ))

a fun denim dog, sewn by Andra
This lovely cheeky denim was stitched by Andra - looks a fun character : )

Fritz Frog by Christine
I know the folks at pcbangles caused problems for this young frog. But thanks to Christine's patience and stitching skill, he came out beautifully. Well done Chris xx

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