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Do send in pics of your makes - I love to see them and can feature them here in the Gallery x
send them to me at :

Davis by Anne-Louise

Raggedy Rabbit by Anne-Louise

Miss Stitch by Anne-Louise

All three characters above were sewn by Anne-Louise. A very busy lady : ) Good to see Miss Stitch has made friends with a gorgeous cat : )) Brilliant stitching Anne xxxx

Denim dog by Faye

Faye used Denim dog's pattern and some lovely scruffy fur to make this lovely character. A brilliant make-over Faye x

Toffee bear by Tina

Alison created these two special memory bears from Bertram's pattern. A lot of love and stitching went into these two xxx

Artist cloth doll by Romona
A gorgeous artist doll. Sewn by Romona from Rembrandt's pattern. Love the addition of her jumper - and that hair : )
See all her work here

A cheeky Arnold bear by Carole
This cheeky little Arnold bear was loving stitched by Carole

Sir Cloth doll by Tina

Tina has made this super version of Sir Cloth. Just as I pictured him - well done xx

Toffee bear by Tina

Here's another of Tina's makes. A perfect Toffee bear, lovely bold character.

Maximillian bear by Carole
This absolutely cute little bear was sewn by Carole, from Maximillian's pattern. He's is adorable, I'm sure you'll agree x

Mini Carrie mouse by Donna

Donna stitched this sweet tiny mouse by re-sizing Carrie mouse's pattern. Just love her table and chair xx

See her other work here on Facebook

Jacasta and Oberon by Ellie
Two super Jacasta and Oberons. Sewn by Charlotte's mum, Ellie. Very clever mum, gorgeous dolls

Pink bear by Kathryn

This cute little bear was sewn by Kathryn in our hand dyed pink mohair. A super little hug, Kathryn xx

Magnolia by Cheryl
A sweet Magnolia elephant, sewn by Cheryl.

Bruce bear by Valerie

A gorgeous little Bruce bear by our talented Valerie

Cuddly Santa by Alison
Just right for the festive season, this super Santa was sewn by Alison. Love his well-fed tum. Well done Alison. You can email Alison here

Rocky robins by Helen

Love this collection of Rocky Robins. All sewn by Helen. They look a fun bunch. Brillliant Helen x

Santa by Sue
This is a super cuddly Santa. Stitched by Sue for her little granddaughter. She'll love him x

Silver ted by Fran

This is a very well sewn ted wearing our hand dyed fur in silver. You can see more of Fran's bears in her Etsy shop here . Do take a peek

Fun mix of softies by Nanette
This gorgeous group were all sewn by Nanette. What super characters, all made with lots of love xx

Raggedy mouse by Trish

A super Raggedy Mouse stitched by Trish. He's a lovely chap x

Mimosa mouse by Iris
A lovely Mimosa mouse - sewn by Iris.
Looks a super huggable

Two Rembrandt dolls by Julie

Love Julie's dolls -
Two "artful" Rembrandts look brilliant together.
Well done Julie x

Hurdy Gurdy rabbit by Wendy
These sweet little Hurdy Gurdy rabbit was stitched by Wendy. See her Raggedy rabbits too.

Raggedy rabbit by Wendy

Wendy has sewn these two super Raggedy rabbits. A clever lady xx

Lovely group of Brambley bears sewn by Amy
All these gorgeous Brambley bears have been sewn by Amy. A lovely hug

Fritz frog by Christine

What a lovely fun frog - well done Christine x

Group of Figaro mice sewn by Julie
This gorgeous group of Figaro mice have all been sewn by Julie. I love the little mini mouse and a felt one (clever xxx)

Noel teds by Carol

Two adorable christmas Noel teds.  Sewn by Carol.  I think they look brilliant together.

Jacasta and Oberon cloth dolls by Julie
So pleased to have Jacasta and Oberon featured here. I think you'll agree Julie has really done them proud - super work x

Jacast and Oberon by Julie

Here's another very charming pair of Oberon and Jacasta dolls from Julie. So pleased to get them on here : )

Starlight unicorn by Catherine

This perfect Starlight unicorn was sewn by Catherine - brilliant work x

Manilla elephant by Sonia

Sonia has made this super Manilla elephant.

Do pop along and see her other makes here

Privet hedgehog by Wendy

Lovely to have a Privet on here. This little chap has been stitched by Wendy - very cute x

Mimosa by Holly

What a lovely hug, this gorgeous Mimosa mouse has been stitched lovingly by Holly x

Dragon by Kellie

Kellie has been a very busy lady.  Love her gorgeous blue Gustav dragon.  See her elephant too 

Kellie runs WillsWhimzies on Etsy - see more of her softies here

Elepant by Kellie

This is kellie's cute elephant from Erica's pattern

See Kellie Etsy shop WillsWhimzies

Ratty by Trisha

Cute little Ratty by Trisha.  I want one  : )

A gorgeous Gustav dragon

A fantastic dragon - love his colour x

Charlie lion by Kathleen

A gorgeous Charlie Lion, sewn by Kathleen.   He's super 

Carrie mouse by Susan

This cute little mouse was made from Carrie's pattern, stitched by Susan.  An adorable little character - well done x

Viking by Sharon

Our first viking to join the gallery.   Well done Sharon - he's a fantastic character.   Looks proud to be our first viking - and you can be too Sharon  xx

Spencer Sloth by Katrin

Katrin made her sloth twice the size for a double-sized hug !   He's absolutely brilliant. so well done Katrin xx


Dilly cloth doll by Ann

Love this Dilly doll that Anne made for her granddaughter.   Excellent sculpting too xx

Rabbits commissioned for Tina

These two rabbits were commissioned by Tina for her new B & B.   Thank you so much for sending on the pics - this room below looks very warm and cosy. Love the rabbit popping his head out from the pillows : )) 

If you are interested in more details of Tina's rooms, drop me an email and I'll pass your details on to her x

gustav dragons by Yvonne

These cheery Gustav dragons were all stitched by Yvonne.   

Yvonne sews for a children's charity and we all wish her and dragons huge success xxx


Unicorn by Sonia

I always love to see Sonia's unicorns, they just get better and better.  This has to be one of my favourites x

See more of Sonia's work here

A lovely playful Denim Dog  (now named Buster  : )   He's lovely Theresa x

This beautiful Patch cat was sewn by Trisha - love her eyes x

Just love this cheery sloth.  He's fantastic Juey xx

Bruce bear by Alyson

Alyson made this cute little bear from Bruce's pattern.  Love his expression x  

These beautiful Raggedy Rabbits are sewn by Linda. They are made in Harris tweed and I believe she is selling them in Castle Street,  Edinburgh (if you live nearby)   I am sure you'll agree they are brilliant.  

Bunty bear and claude cat by Rowena

Just had to add these to our gallery x An adorable Bunty bear and Claude cat.  Lovingly sewn by Rowena 

Casey cat by Hilary

Just look at all these super Casey Cats !  All stitched by Hilary - a very busy lady.  Love 'em xx

Coorie kiten by Rowena

A sweet little Coorie Kitten.  She's lovely Rowena

Raggedy rabbit by Julie

A lovely Raggedy rabbit from Julie

Casey cat by Karen

A Casey cat, filled with lavender,  Super idea from Karen xx

Bumble bear by Vanessa

A charming Bumble  bear - lovely little character Vanessa x

Magnolia elephant by Vanessa

This pretty Magnolia elephant was sewn by Vanessa

Carrie mouse by Sue

Just look at this pretty Carrie mouse.  

Sewn by Sue.  Absolutely gorgeous x

Raggedy Rabbit by Gail

A super Raggedy Rabbit sewn by Gail - love his face  : )

Bear by Jeanne

A lovely memory bear sewn by Jeanne 

Bertram bear by Heather

Huggable Bertram bear by Heather

Toffee bear by Vanessa

Vanessa's first Toffee bear - love his sad face 

Mortimer rat by HeatherMortimer rat by Heather

Here's a fun Mortimer Rat stitched by Heather.   Very cleverly added some cute boots and shorts


A gorgeous huggable fox -  very smart too x

Blueberry bear by Vanessa

Vanessa's gorgeous Blueberry bear - her first cotter pin bear. Smashing sewing x

Spencer sloth by Alison

A beautifully bold Spencer sloth in rainbow fur.  A really fun character.  Well done Alison xxx

Casper clown by Alison

Alison's lovely pastel Casper Clown.  Love his expression x

Shrugg monster and Arnold by Alison

Our first Shrugg monster and a sweet little Arnold bear by Alison

Charlie lion by Cathy

I think you'll agree this is a beautiful Charlie Lion.   Sewn by Cathy 

Tickle bear by Denise

This little Tickle bear was sewn by Denise.   For a mini guy he has lots of character - nice work Denise x

Sasha rabbit by Shirley

This beautiful Sasha rabbit was made by Shirley.   She's super x