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Creating Eye Lids

Lidded Eyes

Needle felted eye lids



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Adding Eye lids to your bear

You can now purchase glass eyes with ready made lids, bringing your bear's eyes to life.   However I like the softer look that you get from adding your own.  Here's how I like to create their eye lids   : )

Felt or cashmere (as used in paw pads) can be stitched or  glued  over the eye but if you are happy to needle felt (or give needle felting a try : )  we can create lovely soft bear eye lids.   I've used a narrow gauge needle 36 or 38 (the higher the number, the finer the needle)

 Needle felting is the process of pushing a barbed needle through wool roving, catching and tangling the fibres together to form a felted shape (well, that's very basic, but you get the idea  : )  

Do watch out for the needles and keep away from the glass eyes itself.   

1.   Take two pinches of wool roving and gently roll one between finger and thumb to give it a little shape.  Use the felting  needle to stab the wool through the fur's backing (this will then catch into the head's stuffing)   Begin at the inner corner of the eye and continue stabbing along the top of the eye and down the outer edge of the  eye white (if you have one).   Leave the roving loose along the very top edge.

2.    When you are happy that the wool is attached, start (very carefully) felting into the lid.  Move the needle in all directions until the wool begins to firm up.   Then use a downwards movement into the lid, not into the bear's head.  this should bring  the wool down over the eye   (see the second pic - looking a little swollen !)

3.    Keep felting until the lid is fairly firm, then begin pushing the needle through into the head again to anchor the lid.   Finally, carefully stab upwards along the lower edge of the lid to form a nice strong,neat edge above the eye and so that we can see your bear's beautful eyes again : )

Instructions on shading the eyes to follow  - do check back  : )