Collectable bears, patterns and kits by Angela



My own tutorials and tips.     If you need some tips making up one of my patterns, take a look through the tutorials below.  If you cannot find what you need there, please get in touch

The Basics

Stitches and fabrics  ~  My basic stitches and a quick (very basic and simple!) introduction to fabric types.

Stitches and fabric

Using your pattern   ~   A few simple tips before you begin the daunting task of cutting fabric : )    

Dealing with furs n fluff  ~  Getting to grips with all that fluff and fur !

Working with all that fur

Paws and Footpads  ~   Those trickly little foot and paw pads


Creating Eyes - glass, safety and embroidered  ~   Choose how your character looks out at the world x

Eyes to see with

Jointing - safety and cotter pins   ~   Jointing ideas, remember safety for children 

Jointing toys

More advanced options :

Creating lidded eyes    ~    My felting way to create eyelids

Felted eye lids

Adding eyelashes   ~   Simple but effective eyelashes to impress

Adding eye lids

Shading your characters :

To shade or to colour   ~   Adding blusher and shading

Hand shading features